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EVO System Hire

New evolution (EVO) traffic light systems have arrived and to much acclaim!                 

                       EVO LayoutB

EVO Pedestrian control using portable traffic signals has finally created a safe solution for more complex sites where pedestrian AND traffic control need to be combined.

Approved to Highways Agency specifications TR2502B, TR2537A and TR2538A.

The EVO system has up to 5 vehicle phases plus a pedestrian facility. They offer a range of features that includes.

  • Quick depolyment and setup
  • Fully radio linked system, no interconnecting cables
  • Up to 4 pedestrian crossing points
  • Supports a large range of roadwork layouts
  • Automatic Communications Recovery System
  • Battery voltage readings for each base unit
  • Variable timing options
  • Phase linking facility


EVO Pedestrian Systems

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